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Places of Interest in and Around Box Hill, Melbourne

City Edge Box Hill is near to all the attractions and places of interest in Box Hill Central. From the shopping haven of Box Hill Central Shopping Centre to the beautiful Box Hill Gardens, there’s something for everyone regardless of age.

Visit popular and child friendly attractions in Box Hill, Melbourne

Popular Attractions

Children are in for a treat at the Box Hill Miniature Steam Railway, while teenagers and adults can have their own fun gaming at Darkzone Laser Tag. If you’d rather enjoy a walk outside and soak in the sunshine, the Kingsley Gardens are close by, while rainy days are also covered thanks to the nearby Box Hill Library.
If you’re lucky, your visit might coincide with the Box Hill Record and Comic Fair, or the quarterly What’s In The Box Market – a fantastic showcase of Australian homemade products.

Medical Care

City Edge Box Hill is conveniently close to a number of medical facilities. Box Hill Hospital is just one kilometre away, while those seeking less urgent medical care can pay a visit to the Box Hill Superclinic or Ekera Medical Care. There are also a number of specialised medical facilities in the vicinity, including Eastern Neurology, Eastern Health Pathology and Melbourne IVF Box Hill.

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